There’s no substitution for eggs…

So sometimes there’s too much life to fit into the 24 hours a day we are alloted in this world. So I get behind.

This week, it was my turn to provide sweets for a colleague’s birthday treats at work. Sunday flew by — I didn’t even check my To Do list, so yep, I forgot. Monday I used the last eggs for meatloaf. Tuesday was parent-teacher conferences and after a 14-hour workday I had nothing left to tackle baking with. Last night, I stopped at the store to buy the eggs I knew I’d need for baking. But first, produce.

Limes. mmm. Key Lime Pie.

A quick Google search in the produce aisle led to this recipe:

8 minutes! Totally what I had time for given I was in the grocery store at 7:28 p.m. on a school night.  Plus, I didn’t need eggs for the sweet treat after all.

I’ve always thought eggs were one ingredient that couldn’t be replaced, thus started the thinking about how I could write about how some ingredients cannot be substituted. But another Google search finds me eating those words — who knew? I think I know a lot about cooking, but then I learn more. Last night, I learned from “She Knows,”

Now you know.



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